Kevin Wayman

I’ve been working with Jess for just over 12months now and when I started I had major back issues.

She has worked on strengthening my core and overall fitness

Jess understands me and is sympathetic to my schedule that often requires flexibility.

What I enjoy most is her ability to push me beyond my comfort level, challenging me both mentally and physically.

I don’t always like the music but its a great place to workout and would recommend Jess to anyone that needs a motivated and  professional personal trainer


Erin Polszack

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Jarrod Bryce

"Jess has built a programme around me that has helped me realise real results! In a matter of months Jess helped me sort out my diet and exercise and motivated me which resulted in me going down 2-3 shirt sizes. A year and a half later I'm still loving the sessions I have with Jess which push me and help me learn every single week. Mix this with killer music taste and an amazing personality means that I'm having a lot of fun while increasingly becoming more confident and happy with where we have gotten. Jess is kind and caring and knows her stuff so is awesome at making me feel great as I take on new challenges and push a little harder. Jess is easy to work with and adaptable but always offers an incredibly high standard of support including custom built workouts for the week away from her. I rate Jess really highly and I'm very sure you will to."

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Roo Hehe

"As someone who has played high level of sport in younger days, I was not too much of a stranger to the fundamentals of strength and conditioning training techniques. However, I found Jess had an amazing aptitude to customise training to get the best results for how I best performed and made our sessions super enjoyable. She was also super understanding, adaptive and held me very accountable for my training with my busy work/travel schedule."



"Jess Offen is an amazing trainer to say the least. Even more she is a wonderful human being. Training with Jess not only benefits your body but also your mind. Training with her is not only lots of fun - and laughs - but also a measure of your resilience. She has pushed me beyond my comfort zone which has helped me realise my level of endurance. I feel like an athlete in training with her and look forward to our workouts. She kicks my butt and I happily let her do it. I see the results in my stamina, the way my body has changed and it’s all positive. I would recommend Jess’s sessions to anyone who wants to change their outlook to exercise. She is the best decision I made! Thanks Jess you're the best."


Heloise Kerr

"Jess is the best PT I have ever worked with. We spent a lot of time talking about my goals and timelines so that I could smash out my milestones. Her programming and coaching approach is very individualised, and I always felt I was pushed to my limit while feeling listened to. Can not recommend Jess enough for someone who is just starting out in their gym life, or for someone looking to figure out what they might like to compete in. Jess helped me find my passion, and she can help you find yours too!"

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Tony H.Newport

"I cannot speak highly enough about Jess Offen. Her approach is professional and targeted towards my identified goals. Jess has a way of extracting effort that pushes within capabilities but enables me to have stretch goals during sessions thus giving more reward than expected. Also, I travel a lot so Jess has her management of my programme split between 'in town' and 'out of town' activities enabling me to maintain my programme remotely. Go Jess. One of my better decisions... Thanks Jess... No BS... your the best."


Steph Higgins

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Bronwyn Newton

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Pete Mcfarlane

"Jess is about the 10th PT I've had and easily the best!

Each session is tailored and no two sessions are alike so no chance of boredom and no overworking one area of the body. With Jess its a partnership with my health as the key concern to address while she always remains positive. Highly recommended as long as you don't want to take my spot!"